Dstrezzed Genders Men

Due to the upcoming demand for automobiles and motorcycles the steel industry in the Midlands (UK) was flourishing mid 1950’s. With the golden sixties in view, things weren’t looking to slow down anytime soon… Nevertheless these decades of great prosperity and economic growth took their toll on the lowest step of the social ladder. Men, women and children from the working class had to work almost day and night during all seven days of the week. Most of the time they did it under arduous circumstances, not to speak off their ragged out uniforms. One could say that they achieved a remarkable human achievement without any compromises at all. The workers accomplished a remarkable human achievement without any compromises whatsoever. Until one day an immigrant, by the name of Aleksander R. Dentski, found the entrepreneur in himself by coming up with the idea of improving the workers lives. His plan was to establish a company that would produce comfortable garments that men could wear after their work, after all a vital part of their lives. The fabrics had to be unique in appearance as well as superior in comfort and functionality, underpinned by the highest level of quality. Doing so the workers could DSTREZZ and still look fresh. Aleksander R. Dentski had a vision that workers could DSTREZZ and still look fresh.

Following this story, “The luxury vintage company” was established by Dentski and now still runs through the DNA of our brand. It is by respecting our history that we have become naturally aware of beauty and functionality. Resulting in iconic and everlasting clothes with a vintage feel, made from only the highest quality fabrics. We would like to conclude with a promise: