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Einstein and Newton?
Two personalities that changed how we see the world. Two names that did not only
understood but shaped it for the last centuries.
Their influence goes far beyond science. Einstein & Newton still live among us. Now, the wisdom
and mystique of these two individuals coming back to our minds.


To OUR minds?
We should say to our bodies!
Einstein, Newton and the chief designer have spent many nights in their laboratories to bring
perfection into EINSTEIN & NEWTON's collection. Ingredients like freedom, rebellion and
smartness were combined in a test tube – however, the exact formula remains strictly confidential.
“A trend just happens. It simply reflects what seems to be going around on the street!”
Facebook, Twitter and many Blogs reflect a clear trend also. People all over the world blog quotes
to express their feelings and show their standing. It has one essential background –
They identify with this statements. So does EINSTEIN & NEWTON. As u find quotes and wisdoms
from Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Audrey Hepburn and Jay-Z on walls and photo collages you can now see them on EINSTEIN & NEWTON tees.