Harris Wilson Genders Men

A strong product heritage since 1975…

Epitomised by men’s and women’s knitwear collections. But also, and above all, by a state of mind, an authentic lifestyle, easy-to-wear clothing, a free style that can be worn in the city and in the great outdoors.

Worn solo, as a couple or as a group, HARRISWILSON clothes have expressed their difference for many years through the quality of the materials, the bold colours and the refined details that can be found in each item.
The quality of the materials
A specialist in all forms of knitwear since 1975.
The brand is keen to work with quality materials. Fair and respectful, it has made no compromises with value for money over time.

Colour & touch-printed fabrics
Shield, underside of collar, buttonhole, elbow patch…
Liberty, check, polka-dot… HARRISWILSON collections offer a touch of colour and printed fabrics every season.

Clothing that’s easy to live in, relaxed, anywhere, anytime.
Soft materials and timeless cuts.

Authenticity and character
A brand true to its name.
A knitwear specialist that continues to sell what it knows best: there are no deceptions, simply a concern for authenticity.